Real Estate Training Video

Matt Battiata – Short Sale Videos from Digital Design Factory on Vimeo.

We had the pleasure of helping San Diego real estate stalwart Matt Battiata bring his very popular “short sale” seminar to a larger web audience by creating a series of “short sale” training videos. Always the consummate speaker, Matt knocked them out of the park in record time. The man knows his material. Filming him on green screen gave us a lot of flexibility to change logos and backgrounds.

David Kirkpatrick Interview

David Kirkpatrick Interview For Message Systems from Digital Design Factory on Vimeo.

One thing we love about our jobs is the serendipitous access to talented people, ideas and fascinating subject matter that comes from filming videos for all of our diverse clientelle. We really never know what we film next: underwater IMAX directors, medical researchers, athletes, and, yes, sometimes less glamorous subject matter like Insurance Seminars. Filming his keynote speech and interviewing technology journalist and author of The Facebook Effect David Kirkpatrick was one of the interesting ones. He gave a great keynote speech at Message Systems Interact Conference in San Diego and we caught up with him afterwords for an interview.