Every Company Needs a Video Strategy

video for business is future
Fast Company has a great article predicting that video will become the primary communication tool for business. Despite having a real horse in this race, I have to agree. For myself, I know I will almost always opt to let a video tell me the information rather than studying a page of text. Call it laziness, lack of focus or an epidemic of multi-tasking, video, if done right, is often a more effective tool for communicating and visualizing ideas and information. Moreover, it can entertain, grab attention and communicate subtleties about your brand and culture that text and still images often cannot (and yes, the irony that I am writing this in text and images is not lost on me). LOL!

“Not having a video strategy for 2017 is like not having a digital strategy in 2000.”

People don’t want to be sold things they want to be told stories.  (I’m definitely stealing this idea from way smarter people than myself: probably at a minimum Seth Godin and Tim Ferriss.) People want to know about a product or service as if a friend were telling them.  We’re smart and savvy humans.  We know when someone is selling us something. Tell us about the thing in an honest way and we’ll decide if we need or want it.   We respond to stories. We’ve been listening to them for thousands and thousands of years.  Video gives you all the tools you need to tell your story… and more like a “film maker” and less like a “Infomercial.”  Thank God.

“…more video is uploaded in 30 days than the top three U.S. TV networks have created in the past 30 years.”

We’ve been creating corporate video since 2001 or so.  And honestly, there’s never been a better time to start finding your video voice.  We have amazing tools and stunning quality we could only dream about a few years ago. Drones, aerial video, stedicams, sliders and amazing 4K video are now common tools we use on a daily basis.  Of course without a compelling story or script and a vision, all those pretty images are just eye candy.   But when you can bring story and images together in a truly creative and honest way the results can be amazing and compelling for everyone.