SunRun Solar

SunRun Solar installed a demo house showcasing their innovative solar technologies at the Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego. Filming this promotional video over several months was a blast because it allowed us to capture the public’s excitment and interest in this alternative energy source. Clearly most people aren’t sure about what it takes to get panels on their roof. SunRun has an interesting business model that takes a lot of the confusion out of the solar buying process. And they were super fun to work with which is always a bonus.

Global Church Planting Sunday Promo

We had a lot of fun creating this web promotional video for Global Church Planting Sunday. Thanks to Outreach, DCPI and everyone who participated for making this a success.

Real Estate Training Video

Matt Battiata – Short Sale Videos from Digital Design Factory on Vimeo.

We had the pleasure of helping San Diego real estate stalwart Matt Battiata bring his very popular “short sale” seminar to a larger web audience by creating a series of “short sale” training videos. Always the consummate speaker, Matt knocked them out of the park in record time. The man knows his material. Filming him on green screen gave us a lot of flexibility to change logos and backgrounds.

Light Garden Promotional Video

We really enjoyed filming a promotional video for The Light Garden who make beautful candles, trees and other decorative objects illuminated by low voltage LED’s.  A big thank you out to Studio Duva for including us on this shoot.